• La tournée est annulée!

    Gil vient de déclarer dans son blog que la tournée n'aurait surement pas lieu car les promoteurs se sont dégonflés pensant que Janet ne pourrait pas vendre assez de places de concerts.
    C'est une honte et un beau gachis car Janet et ses danseurs travaillent depuis des mois sur ce nouveau show.
    Je me demande comment elle va rebondir dans sa carrière après ces 3 années de galère...
    Janet tour cancelled due to promoters thinking she will not sell tickets
    Sorry Janet fans:
    After much speculation, it looks like Janet Jackson's much anticipated world tour is off. The problem is Janet wants to play arenas but the promoters who normally book those types of tours aren't interested. Rumors are that the promoters dont' think Janet can sell tickets.
    Janet's longtime Hawaiian choreographer Gil wrote this on his Myspace page yesterday (you have to read between the lines, but I'll help you):
    There is so much that I am learning about this business in entertainment. The politics of it. The shadiness of it. The money aspect of it. The who you are of it.......all that I am learning slowly from Boo. Cause I dont know a *!@$%&**!@$%&**!@$%&**!@$%&* thing when it comes to what she is experiencing or what entertainers go through. I know what my field is about but am new to the lives of musicians. I do wish I could write fully in detail what Im concerned and confused about but at this time I am not in a position to do so. When all of this is all over, I WILL write. WE all are ready on our end. We have been! The politics of it all keeps going back and forth...............so it keeps being pushed sideways, forward and backwards. Im suprise people question if some one with a long career is compared to one that hasn't. Im surpised that there is even a question on the big honchos as to someone could seel out amist these youngens who arent doing to well. Im just suprised and confused. I know what people are capable of. Especially ones that I know and believe in. i know what Im capable of..........but its the head honchos that keep doing the back and forth when we have been moving forward. u cant push someone to do, the more they keep going back and forth and letting them go through drama. There comes a point that its not worth it. So im here in silence as all of u are.........
    It's the end of an era.

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